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BEYOND ETERNAL - Heavy Metal . Thrash Metal

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BEYOND ETERNAL was spawned under the visage of Ravenous Eternus, its original line up consisting of Roy Robichaud and Pat Hodd ( both formerly of Darkcide) and John Scribner (formerly of Victim 13) the trio set out to make the breed of metal they themselves loved to hear 
After several songs had been written the band was struck a devistating blow as Pat passed away suddenly. The band struggled onward without direction for several years with Roy and John greiving through the music. 

Before long it was time to be unleashed. 
With the Line up of Roy, John and bass player Alan Gilbert, Beyond Eternal was born. 

Alan's tenure in the band would be short lived as he soon moved out of province but the wheels were set in motion. 

Enter 4 stringer Trevor Hickey, in November 2012 the missing piece was found. After a whirlwind first half of 2013, its fans being dubbed "The Eternal Legion", the line up was completed by Rhythm guitarist Ryan Bernard (formerly of Dark Envy/Round Four) completing the already heavy and thrashy sound 
After playing sold out shows to rabid metal fans throughout 2013 (including a crushing set at Here Magazine's declared Halloween show of the year/"The Festival of the dead") 2014 shaped up to be an even more intense year. With more packed shows and a crushing set at the Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival the year culminated with the band unleashing it's CRUSHING debut album "Faith in Death" after all the years of tribulations and triumphs. 

In the spring of 2015 Rhtyhm guitarist Ryan Bernard parted ways with the band to be replaced by former Darkcide Axe man Steve Henry and After a brief hiatus Trevor Hickey temporarily returned to his rightful place behind the thunder. Work and other commitments saw Chris Deveau step in as the 4 string rager while Trevor stepped down from his duties. Plethora of shows later saw one last departure as Steve stepped down from his duties as 2nd axeman. Leaving the core more solid than ever, 2017 would see Trevor return on a permanent basis taking up the bass mantle while Chris assumed 2nd guitar duties. 

The mission statement is simple: To create true Heavy Metal without borders, without limitations. With a sound, that is both varied and unique. 

Albums :


Recent shows :

  • NOV4 : "Abysseral Throne & Counter Clockwork at The Panic Room" (Saint-Jean, New-Brunswick, Canada)

  • JUN17 "Metal Devastation" (Saint-Jean, New-Brunswick, Canada)

  • AVR16 "Death on the road tour" (Saint-Jean, New-Brunswick, Canada)

Main influences :

Metallica, Annihilator, Pantera, Dethklok, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath (just to name a few).

The band refuses to compromise in its quest to unleash its brand of metal to the masses. 
Hail to the Legion !

Beyond Eternal members :

  • Roy Robichaud : Lead guitars / Lead vocals
  • John Scribner : Drums


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