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  • WEESP (Belarus band . Electronic Rock - Progressive Metal)
  • Marino CARGNEL (Italian artist . Alternative Progessive Electronic Jazz Rock)
  • CHRONIC TWILIGHT (American band . Gothic-Rock)
  • FRACTURED SPINE (Finnish band . Atmospheric Death-Doom Metal)

Phoenix Review - July 20th, 2018 . Fractured Spine

Official music video of the song "In the Shade" from the album of 2017 "Songs of Slumber" by FRACTURED SPINE

Listen to "This Dying Soul" from the album of 2014 "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" by FRACTURED SPINE, depressive song written by Mikko

Hi FRACTURED SPINE and hi everyone ! 

Today Phoenix has now the great pleasure to post a review about an awesome atmospheric, melodic Death/Doom metal band from Finland.
They're 2 members, Antti and Timo (Antti's cousin) living in a city having the sweet name  of Hämeenlinna (maybe in relation with the famous Pied Piper of Hamelin in Germany ?), about 100 km from Helsinki the capital of Finland. 
FRACTURED SPINE (whose name in itself tells about depression, sorrow, distress, misfortune about the world, about people) is, like often class experimented and subtle bands are, difficult to classify precisely but we can say that they play Melodic Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal with big Gothic influence and classical basis
Antti and Timo began to compose since the nineties but their first official song was released only in 2004. 
In their music we can notice many influences of the best former indie British Atmospheric, Shoegaze bands (like Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Field Mice, St-Christopher, Revolver, Biff Bang Poe, and so on..) from the best indie British music labels (Sarah Records, Creation Records to mention some of the most famous ones). 
Some bands that Fractured Spine like to sound like are their Finnish compatriots ShamRain (Atmospheric Melodic Rock) and Swallow The Sun (Death Doom Metal). 
One great originality of Fractured Spine is that, their songs being often sung by both Antti and Timo, they are able to make songs mixing, with a high subtle level and without distorsion, at the same time a clean, pure and sensual voice and a harsch dark deep voice, like in the song "Acheron" where a pure and cool sensual voice is suddenly changed into a terrific deep voice worthy of the very famous Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir (born, like Fractured Spine, in the eighties). 
In the band Antti manages instruments, vocals and lyrics while Timo manages vocals and lyrics too. 
Like many professional Death/Black/Doom Metal bands, Fractured Spine find some of their inspiration from the great American writer H.P Lovecraft, especially in their album "Songs of Slumber" (released in 2013) for which a nice quote could be I think "For which always sleeps will never die and all strange eras long the Death itself can die." 
There is something very original also and maybe unique in this album "Songs of Slumber" in that the name of the song number 1 " cross the river of..." finds its end in the name of the song number 2 "Acheron", meaning even more the cleverness and fineness of Fractured Spine. Note that the same typing style is used in the album of 2014 "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" with the song number 1 "...and now you're..." followed by the song number 2 "Dead to Me". 
The 3rd song "This Dying Soul" from the album "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (released in 2014) is an exceptionally beautiful Metal Gothic Rock song with a very subtle and changing melody and pure sensual voice, and the lyrics were written by Mikko, Antti's brother. This heart touching song talks about depression, a very common topic in the Black/Doom/Gothic area.  
Fractured Spine never bores because their style is very various, with sometimes pure instrumentals, sweet ballads, and sometimes heavy Metal songs with growling voices, Gothic Metal songs, and the limit is only imagination, depending of their current feelings. 

FRACTURED SPINE works are : 

  • "Remains" (3 tracks EP, 2018).
  • "Stolen Pieces" (4 tracks EP, 2018). 
  • "The Price of Retribution" (5 tracks EP, 2017). 
  • "Failed Pieces" (4 tracks EP, 2017) in which you can listen to a wonderful Experimental Atmospheric and Shoegaze song named "Tru" with a magnifiscent piano, guitar and drums concerto enhanced by a voice close to the Synthpop style
  • "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (8 tracks album, 2014). 
  • "Songs of Slumber" (10 tracks album, 2013) containing the 2 hits "Restless" that begins like an acoustic guitar piece of music with a weak voice then suddenly becomes a deep hard piece of Death Metal and the whole song is obviously a great song. This album ends with a wonderful long duration Symphonic Black Metal song "Zoar" with a remarkable Heavy Metal melody. 
  • "Eerie Messages" (10 tracks demo album, 2012).  
  • "Frost" (6 tracks demo album, 2008). 

I want to talk also about the artwork of FRACTURED SPINE albums that show the progression and change of feeling of the band : 
While the artwork of their 2 first demo albums (of 2008 and 2012) express some symbolism (nature and quest of freedom), "Songs of Slumber" (2013) is more 3D designed and obviously influenced by the universe of H.P Lovecraft (the tentacle of Cthulhu !) while "Memoirs of a Shattered Mind" (2014) and "The Price of Retribution" (2017) have a very Gothic style. However "Failed Pieces" (2017) cover art is a simple old but nice and very aesthetic broken piano keyboard. The 2 last EPs "Stolen Pieces" and "Remains", both released in 2018, were made in the pure class macabre gothic style

To conclude this review, not forgetting to mention that their network and fan base is extremly important, Fractured Spine already having more than 80.000 likers and followers on facebook ,which is exceptional, even more from a "so called" indie and underground band ! 
I hope you'll have understood that Fractured Spine is at the same time a very talented, unique, touching Melodic Death/Doom Metal band which deserve to be known all over  the world. 

Check their important network and fan base at :


Review signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on July 20th, 2018.

    Phoenix Review . June 28th, 2018 . Chronic Twilight

    Discover the official music video of the hit and masterpiece Depressive Gothic song "Misfortune of Me" by CHRONIC TWILIGHT

    Watch the official Dark.. Dark Dark music video "God is Dead" by CHRONIC TWILIGHT



    EP "Vulnerable" cover art

    EP "Vulnerable" cover art

    Hello CHRONIC TWILIGHT and hello everyone !

    Phoenix is very happy to post this new review about a Gothic-Rock band but not a usual Gothic-Rock band... and even if you're not specialist or even not total fan of this music  style I don't doubt you'll be charmed and you'll find enjoyment to listen to the subtle and class music and voice of CHRONIC TWILIGHT, alias Michael LOUIS from Nashville in Tennessee (USA), who is already famous and respected in the professional area. 

    Some infos about Chronic Twilight and Michael Louis... Michael Louis is a multi instrumentalist and baritone vocalist having released his first album "Hymns for Heliophobes" (great title for Dark music, isn't it ?!) in 2017.  
    The music of Chronic Twilight is usually composed of guitar, synthesizer, bass, and drums to give a very special and unique atmosphere.  

    Chronic Twilight's last release is a EP (4 tracks) named "Vulnerable" and its spearhead song "Misfortune of Me", so dark, deep, reminding somehow Cure or Christian Death but also Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division of course, in a pure Goth Punk style with clear and sensual male voice, is already a hit through its music video version with so far more than 7000 views on the official youtube channel of the band (direct link below). 
    The cover art of "Vulnerable" in itself is also very well thought because it represents the idea of the mask hidding the real personality of any of us.. something anyone should think about..

    Speaking of the official music video of this song, it's really well filmed and nicely edited while simply, and it's because it's simple and without useless artifice that it's a very pleasant video to watch, I liked very much the pure dark light that subtly enlights Michael Louis and the guitarist. 
    "Misfortune of Me" was several times reviewed (by Nowhere Now Records especially) and playlisted for example by the Peruvian Radio "In Club" and in the USA at San Antonio in the Night Shift Radio Show of the DJ Rickbats. 

    For all these reasons and for the pleasure to listen, "Misfortune of Me" really deserves to be a masterpiece of the Dark music and can be qualified also of Depressive Goth so the lyrics and style express so well melancholy, misanthropic feeling. Some originality of the song is also that it ends like if the music died... which is logical for a Dark song ! 

    But the 3 other songs of the EP are everything but poor and weak and really different from "Misfortune of Me" and this variety represents also the high quality of the EP with the 3rd one "April Always", whose title means some hope, very different and interesting track also, more joyful and however very dark, more Synth also, this one reminded me maybe some great classical bands music like Fields of the Nephilim. Personally, listening to this song, I remembered also "I Saw the Sun" by the great ancient British shoegaze band Slowdive. 
    The 3rd track, simply named "Crawl", is maybe the more despairing one of the EP and nevertheless an excellent track that should stay in your mind long time after you'd have heard it. Listening to "Crawl" I had a strange feeling of being the misfortunate hero of a new H.P Lovecraft frightening story. 
    The last 4th song "Poisoned Ease" sounds for me like an obsessive melody that runs in the head like a snake or a spider. I really loved hearing this song. 

    To summarize, this EP "Vulnerable" is simply a masterpiece of the Goth Punk Dark and Depressive genre and really I advice anyone, fan or not of this kind of music, to find it. 
    Sometimes, hearing the songs of "Vulnerable", I think of the Shoegaze atmospheric British band Chapterhouse that is a big reference in the music genre.  

    Here some useful links... 


    Review signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on June 28th, 2018.

    Phoenix Review . June 15th, 2018 . Weesp (update # 2)

    PHOENIX is glad to have updated WEESP review (please scroll down to read it) with their new clip "Black Sails". 

    Black Sails is an idea of freedom and unity of extraordinary thinking people. It’s about hard path of being different. We want to give a piece of our support to all the people who have enough faith to chose this path.

    Enjoy the new stuff of this talented Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal ! 

    Here their bandcamp page :


    Review (update #2) signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on June 15th, 2018.

    Phoenix Review . May 26th, 2018 . Weesp (update)

    PHOENIX is glad to have updated WEESP review (please scroll down to read it) with their new clip "Who We Are".

    Enjoy the new stuff of this talented Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal !

    Here their bandcamp page :


    Review (update) signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on June 15th, 2018.

    Phoenix Review . March 24th, 2018 . Marino Cargnel

    Click on the picture above to watch the video of A Different Place (unreleased track by Marino CARGNEL)

    Album "Illusions Snoisulli" by Marino CARGNEL

    Album "Illusions Snoisulli" by Marino CARGNEL

    Marino CARGNEL

    Marino CARGNEL

    Duran Mountain Praying

    Duran Mountain Praying

    Hello Marino CARGNEL and hello everyone !

    I'm enchanted to publish today a review I wrote about Marino CARGNEL, an Italian artist from Pieve di Cadore who makes an unusual and very interesting music mixed of guitar, bass and electronic that can be defined by alternative and progressive electronic jazz-rock.

    This review will be dedicated to the album "Illusions Snoisulli", one of the 3 full albums (besides "Snake and Sounds" and "No Right Time") that Marino produced in 2017 from his home in the Dolomites Mountains.

    Like most albums of this progressive acoustic genre, all the 3 albums of Marino Cargnel have long duration : more than 80 mn for "Illusions Snoisulli" and "Snake and Sounds", while "No Right Time" has almost 60 mn duration. 
    So we can say that "Illusions Snoisulli" deserves to be called a LP (Long Play) album ! but if the average duration of the tracks is almost 6 mn it doesn't mean it's a boring work, not at all and, having conscientiously heard all of them, my opinion is that it's a real masterpiece of electro acoustic jazz. 

    Considering the album "Illusions Snoisulli", sometimes it's a deconstructed, thumping, psychedelic and depressed jazz metal like the 1st track "Illusions" in which appear wailing feminine voices and strange laughs like coming from nowhere or from beyond the mountains, and this music would perfectly fit some French or Italian films of the sixties.

    Sometimes, like in "Apple Tree" the 2nd track, it's the harmonium sound and a style close to the famous English psychedelic rock band "The Fall" founded in the seventies. This track would be a perfect soundrack for an Italian horrific thriller or giallo (like those of the great directors Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava, Antonio Margheriti or Riccardo Freda). 

    Some other tracks, especially the 3rd "Blanca Senora", 4th "Clara Luna", 6th "Blue Rain" and 8th "Green Black" are more guitar and noizy jazz, while there is a special track, the 5th "The Sky is Blue" which is a very nice and smooth serenade. 

    I'll make a particular attention to "There's no War between Animals", the 7th track, in that, having a duration of more than 9mn, it's the longest track of the album and deserves obviously to ba called a progressive track. On the other hand, this track is an awesome experimental new wave one and we can just be fascinated by the subtle mix with animals sounds (frogs especially) and human and industrial noises (car horn). 
    I see in this track a tough critisism of our modern society like a war between human live and animal life. 
    This track makes me also think of some great ecological films of the seventies like "Frogs" or "Ants" in which the soundtrack were often mixed with human and animals sounds. 

    "Hello", the 9th track, is rather distressing and also very interesting. 
    Finally the 11th and last of the album, named "Morning", is on the contrary much more entertaining, it's a sort of gathering punctuated by some birds songs (at the beginning of the track) and with lot of electric guitar.

    Marino CARGNEL deserves huge attention and to be considered as an important and cutting edge electronic artist.


    Review signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on March 24rd, 2018.

    Phoenix Review . January 26th, 2018 . Weesp

    Click on the picture above to watch the video-clip of Illumination (by WEESP)

    Just for the pleasure please watch the awesome and furious energetic live of WEESP performing OMEN (The Prodigy cover) in Minsk !

    50 seconds of cool piano intro but after... it's madness !!

    WEESP - the band

    WEESP - the band

    Illumination - last single by WEESP

    Illumination - last single by WEESP

    WEESP - the band

    WEESP - the band

    Hello WEESP and hello everyone !  

    This is my first official and public review and I feel very proud, very shy and very excited at the same time to write this review for a great Belarus band of Alternative Electronic Rock and Pogressive Metal.  
    WEESP are from Minsk, were founded in 2008 by 3 of their 5 current members : Alex (Lex), Dmitry (Mi) and Michael (Mike) besides Stanislav (Stak) and Alexei (Gul).  

    I especially focused on "Illumination", beautiful music video made for their last single of the same name.  
    What interested me first while watching the clip was the beautiful cinematographic light (blue night especially), reminding me of the style of some very famous film-makers as David Lynch and used to enhance the subtle atmospheric shoegaze beginning of the song.  
    About the middle of the clip, coinciding with the end of the scene of the big hammer (some politic meaning maybe ?) slowly dragged on the ground by a woman, the song progressively becomes faster and much more Metal Rock style.  
    Maybe the scene representing the hammer violently hit by the woman While a man seems to suffer lying in the water has a meaning of the current social and spiritual fight between men and women ?  

    For me this clip "Illumination" (by WEESP), wonderfully and professionally played, sung, filmed and edited, is a subtle metaphor of the fight for freedom that everyone should lead everytime, especially nowadays when human liberties become more and more restricted.  

    Besides their last single "Illumination", the Belarus band WEESP (which by the way is also the name of a Dutch village) so far produced 5 singles, 3 EP and 1 complete album "The Void" which contains at least 4 (true) masterpieces of Rock Electronic : "Solar Empire" (very powerful), "Murderers", "Unstable Matter" (with a subtle jazzy style) and also and mostly in my opinion an extraordinary cover of an original song by The Prodigy that should stay in every music lover mind and memory and this song is "Omen" (furious and awesome energetic cover of the original song of The Prodigy).  

    Note also that the song "Livan", also from the album "The Void", has more than 120.000 views on Youtube.  

    Sometimes the style of WEESP reminds me of the very famous English band Muse, especially in the voice effects.  

    Keep a careful eye and ear on WEESP, this very talented young band from Minsk in Belarus that already performed lot of shows. 


    Review signed by Emmanuel (PHOENIX) on January 26th, 2018.




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