1. What I Am


This tired heart this tired body this broken shout
Whatever it is will kill this prisoner heart
I'm captured by a dirty and collapsing mind
I'm suffering a pain and screaming under water
This is a very old and mean spike
In a dream full of sweetness
At night, wake up in sleep
Ambiguous fate
My days full of repetitions
Screaming the dead for this appointment
To get rid of this demolition times
The truth is revealed to all
What did I mean by this?
Which kills the pain for god (3x)

This is my fuckin life
Thats the very nak ed truth
In shades of black
In my world
Its all around
Life is pain
And the world falls down
And suffer again
Hate in my heart
From rivers of sorrow
What i am?
What i am?
Death has come
Life is gone
What i am?
Death has come
Life is gone.
My wandering spirit has been ambushed for the aggression of my life
Which kills the pain for god
This sweet feeling of seclusion will be satisfied
This libido emerges in the endless darkness
What is the meaning of life?
Except pain and aversion
which makes everyone to escape
These thoughts of madness came upon me
I will inform all of myself
Yes, if a mere power remains in my body

I'm Saturnoth(Keyvanoth) alien to these days (6x)